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Did you know that low progesterone and low thyroid
could be the cause of most of your symptoms? 

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Hot flashes

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Trouble Sleeping​

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Vaginal dryness

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Weight changes

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Brain fog

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Thyroid Support

Restore your hormones, restore your health.

Your'e Not Alone

1 in 3 women have a chronic hormonal condition. Do You?

When “It’s Normal” Isn’t Enough

Our Solutions Helps You Feel Better, Faster

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Semaglutide + B12

Starting at $199

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Starting at $60


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Thyroid Thrive

From $1.73 Per Day

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From $0.58 Per Day

Vital Pregnenolone

Take a Break From the ‘Old You’

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Balance Your Hormones, Improve Your Sleep Moods  Anxiety  Weight Night Sweats  Brain Fog Hot Flashes  Period Problems

What Makes Us Different?​

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Custom Treatment Plans

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Solutions Made with Better Ingredients​

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Free Message-Based Doctor Visits​

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Better Care, Lower Cost​

Tried & Loved by 1000’s of Women

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How to Get a Prescription

With access to specialized physicians here’s what you can expect throughout your journey.

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Frequently Asked Questions

For the Moment Doctor Portal, consultation, complete medical intake, and unlimited messaging with your doctor is completely free. You only pay for the prescription solutions your doctor prescribes. Prescription solutions start at $47 per month.

Our non-prescription solutions start at $29, and test kits start at $189.

Moment offers beneficial solutions for various groups, including:

  • Women experiencing hormonal imbalances
  • Those seeking specialized care and long-term solutions for hormone-related concerns.
  • Women whose symptoms haven’t responded effectively to standard treatments

The timing of symptom improvement varies. Some women see positive changes within a few weeks, while for others, it may take a few months.

We accept Health Savings Accounts (HSA) and Flexible Spending Accounts (FSA). Check with your insurance provider for additional coverage options.

Yes, our products are made from non-toxic, allergen-free components and are processed without harmful additives like color dyes or peanut oils.

Our hormones are bioidentical, ensuring they closely match your body’s natural hormones.

Not all healthcare providers specialize in women’s hormonal health or holistic treatments, leading to varying levels of familiarity with bioidentical hormone therapy.

Not everyone stays on hormones forever. Many women find it beneficial long-term, but your journey is unique.

Fill out our questionnaire and our physicians will approve your prescription. No need to schedule a traditional appointment—just message us whenever you need help.

Simply fill out our 2-minute questionnaire, and our doctors will recommend a personalized treatment plan for you. Order your products online and enjoy free shipping.

Nothing Beats Feeling Your Best.

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