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Cortisol Stopper Bundle

Cortisol Stopper Bundle

Our Cortisol Stopper Bundle includes Progesterone 50 mg, Pregnenolone 30 mg, and DHEA 10 mg, working synergistically to create a comprehensive solution for stress management.

Progesterone 50 mg:

Progesterone is an essential hormone that plays a vital role in protecting the body, regulating the menstrual cycle, supporting brain health, and so much more. This essential component of the Cortisol Stopper Bundle helps create hormonal balance, contributing to a more relaxed and centered state of mind.

Pregnenolone 30 mg:

Elevate your mood and cognitive function with pregnenolone, a hormone known for its cognitive-enhancing properties. By supporting the production of various hormones, pregnenolone aids in combating stress, enhancing mental clarity, and promoting overall cognitive well-being.

DHEA 10 mg:

Support your body’s stress response with DHEA, a hormone that plays a vital role in energy production and stress resilience.

By supplementing with DHEA, you can promote a sense of vitality, resilience, and overall well-being, helping to counteract the effects of stress on both the body and mind.

About the Process:

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