Harmonizing Hormones for Optimal Health: An Interview with Dr. Leigh Erin Connealy M.D.

Early Interest in Health and Wellness:

Moment: Did you get into health and wellness? You’re 66 years old. What’s your first memory of interest in the human body and well-being?

Dr. Connealy: I never knew much about health or how important it was, but I did know about food and how important it was. My mother always stressed the importance of what we ate. However, my interest in health really took off when my parents received a letter warning that the drug I was taking could be harmful. They recommended I get evaluated at MD Anderson, a local cancer hospital. The visits were daunting, filled with doctors and biopsies. It was a challenging experience for a young teenager.

Exploring Hormones:

Dr. Connealy: I never had irregular menstrual cycles, and I felt something wasn’t quite right with my body. I would eagerly anticipate that one annual period, and it felt like a transformation. In medical school, I was put on birth control pills to regulate my cycles, but it had a dramatic impact on my body. After multiple attempts with different pills, I finally found some relief. In my quest to balance my hormones, I discovered natural progesterone, which I started using. That was a turning point for me. Later, I had fertility issues and had to seek help from infertility specialists to conceive.

Focus on Health:

Dr. Connealy: Health has become a top priority for me, especially after my experience with the drug and the subsequent journey to find hormonal balance. I have learned the significance of taking care of my body. Life isn’t always easy, and sometimes it takes unexpected turns to help us discover new paths. These experiences made me incredibly passionate about health, and I want to share what I’ve learned with others.

Morning Routine and Self-Care:

Moment: Walk us through your morning routine, including all your favorite products and things you can’t live without.

Dr. Connealy: Sure. I believe that the day begins the night before. So, my evening routine is crucial. I prioritize sleep, ensuring I have a peaceful, technology-free bedtime. I do deep breathing exercises, practice gratitude, and sometimes stretch before bed. I also take my vitamins, drink purified water with collagen, and use essential products like Eminence Coconut Lotion. I use Lifewave patches for pain relief, and S3 All for the delicate skin around my eyes. I like to use an organic mattress, sheets, and linens for quality sleep. I turn off the electricity to my bedroom and sleep in a Faraday cage to reduce electromagnetic exposure.

Morning Wellness Routine:

Dr. Connealy: In the morning, I start my day with green juice, collagen, and essential vitamins. I go to the gym for a 30-minute workout, take a quick shower, enjoy a cup of organic coffee, and get dressed for the day. I use my commute to reflect and set positive intentions for the day. At the office, I begin my day with the Tennant BioModulator to ensure my cells have the necessary voltage or energy. It’s a 30-minute process that allows me to meet with my staff and plan the day. I’m grateful for my patients, and I listen to their unique stories.

Lunch and Self-Care: Dr. Connealy: I have a light lunch and often use the time for meetings in our bio charger room. I take time for myself in the evening, whether it’s a neuromuscular massage, scanning, laser therapy, or on-demand treatments. My schedule is intense, so self-care is essential. Taking time for ourselves is crucial for overall well-being.

Supplement Routine:

Dr. Connealy: My supplement routine is extensive and carefully chosen to support various aspects of my health. I include dessicated thyroid medication, biodentical progesterone, pregnenolone, and DHEA, from Moment. I also incorporate Magnesium, and rely on proprietary formulas from Perfectly Healthy for targeted support.

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