Balancing Acts Claudia

  1. Tell us a bit about yourself and your background, and how it relates to health?

I am a devoted herbalist, alternative health practitioner, and podcast host, deeply passionate about root-cause wellness and what it means to truly thrive in life with vibrant health. My journey into this world began with my own struggle with a myriad of chronic health issues, ranging from severe cystic acne and unrelenting fatigue to mental health challenges like anxiety and depression. Frustrated with the temporary solutions offered by conventional medicine, I made it my mission to discover real answers that heal instead of the merry-go-round of bandaid offerings that are usually offered with western medicine. 

This journey led me to reconnect with the wisdom of my ancestral roots and the healing power of nature. I believe that true health is inherently simple and not as complicated as we tend to make it out to be. As the founder of Healing The Source, my mission is to empower others to reclaim their health by embracing natural remedies and holistic wellness.

  1. What inspired you to pay more attention to your hormone health and make it a part of your routine?

I faced numerous chronic issues such as severe menstrual pain, hormonal imbalances reflected in cystic acne, fatigue, and hair loss. These experiences made me realize the critical role hormones play in overall well-being. Also, I was kept being offered birth control as this apparent magic cure to all symptoms that a female may experience… it never sat right with me to suppress my body’s natural functions to mute the symptoms and not actually address what was going on on a deeper level.

  1. What specific hormones or hormone-related issues do you focus on in your health routine, and why?

Cortisol! As we all know, this is known as the stress hormone and plays a crucial role in managing stress levels, mood, and energy. Given my history with anxiety and chronic fatigue, maintaining balanced cortisol levels was absolutely crucial. My Moment Health test was actually really helping in pinpointing this..

  1. How do you stay informed about the latest developments and research related to hormone health?

I’m always learning. Obviously, I follow Moment Health, and I also regularly review scientific journals and publications, focusing on breakthroughs and studies in endocrinology and natural health. This helps me stay abreast of the latest scientific insights. Additionally, I attend workshops and conferences dedicated to alternative health and enjoy listening to several podcasts. 

  1. Are there particular foods or dietary choices that you find helpful in maintaining hormone balance?

Not skipping breakfast, eating real, whole foods that are in season, including cruciferous veggies, raw carrots, healthy fats, saying NO to industrial seed oils, anti-oxidant rich foods like organic berries, and utilizing some adaptogenic herbs to ease stress. I created an organic herbal tea called Womb Wellness that I drink daily as a wonderful support.

  1. Can you describe any stress-reduction techniques or practices you use to manage cortisol levels and stress-related hormones?

Absolutely– I actually just wrapped up a 20-day Nervous System Regulation Series on my Instagram page if anyone would like to check that out. A few important ones include getting adequate sleep, grounding + spending time in nature daily, and moving my body, not staying stagnant for too long.

  1. Are there any specific lifestyle changes you’ve made to improve your hormone health that you’d like to share with our readers?

Detoxing not just my body, but my home, too. What you use to clean your environment, what you wear, the air you breathe, the skincare you use, your haircare products, your bedding, your fragrances, your drinking water, etc.– this is all contributing to the health of your hormones. It can feel incredibly overwhelming when you begin looking at all these items, so take a deep breath, pause, think about what you use the most, what is the most affordable swap you can do right now, and go from there. Baby steps are important.


  1. What advice would you give to someone who is just starting to explore hormone health and wants to establish a balanced routine?

Three things: 1. Test, don’t guess. The worst feeling is experimenting with modality after modality–eliminating foods, taking certain supplements because we heard they’re helpful, going vegan, going carnivore, etc.–and feeling defeated that “nothing’s working.” Find out what’s going on, work with someone you trust, and go from there.  2. Ask questions always. Don’t be satisfied with pretty green packaging labels–turn it over and read the ingredients. Don’t take “no” for an answer. Get several opinions. You know your body best, not anyone else. And 3. When in doubt, go back to basics. If you’re not getting sunlight on your body every day, drinking enough mineral water, moving your body, keeping toxic things and people out of your life, loving yourself, surrounded by a supportive community, etc., then you shouldn’t be running to find the next supplement or treatment to fix your health. Your body is begging you for real nourishment.


  1. What are your future goals and aspirations regarding your hormone health journey?

I aim to keep expanding my knowledge about hormone health through ongoing education and research. I have some exciting offerings for my audience that are coming out soon, so stay tuned for that. We all deserve answers to living a healthy and vibrant life.

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