About Us

Everyone deserves to live a healthy, enriching life — no matter their age. At Moment, we provide women with natural hormone regulation therapy so they can enjoy all that life has to offer.

Our Story

Being human means facing the inevitable ups and downs of life — even when it comes to hormones. Each stage brings potential issues. For some, it’s fatigue and mental fog, and for others, it’s hot flashes and irritability. But you don’t have to suffer alone.

We can solve many of these issues with natural and effective hormone solutions, plus a personalized care plan that focuses on the whole person — because you are more than just your hormones.

Every woman deserves to feel empowered, healthy, and ready to pursue all of the wonders of life throughout the entirety of her life.

And that’s why we built Moment — to give women the tools they need to live life to the max.

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What To Expect With Moment

Whole-Person Care

We take a whole-person approach to wellness — you are more than your hormones. We create a customized wellness plan based on your lifestyle to help achieve your goals. We believe this approach is best because hormones are only one piece of the wellness puzzle. Nutrition, sleep quality, exercise, and mental health are all significant factors for a healthy life.

Natural Hormone Solutions

We use a natural female hormone called a bio-identical hormone. After receiving your blood tests, we ship the hormones right to your door. Say goodbye to harmful synthetic hormones and hello to a safe, natural, and effective approach to recovering from hormone imbalances.

Long-Term Wellness Partner

We’re playing the long game here, easing the pain of aging — like hot flashes and weight gain — and reclaiming a youthfulness you can carry throughout your life. Our team is here for you at any age and any stag

End-to-end care for women of all ages.

Whether you’re going through menopause or just curious about your hormone levels and overall health, Moment offers the most natural and effective solutions anywhere.

“I was struggling to find help for recurring hot flashes. It wasn’t until I worked with Moment that I received the care that I was after all along. The providers were thorough and treated me like a person instead of just a problem to be solved.”

– Heidi, 43, mother of two.

We Are Different

Experts who know how to solve hormone
imbalance safely and effectively.


  • Accurate Testing
  • Natural Hormone Solutions
  • Personalized Lifestyle Plan
  • Exclusive Events, Community and Content


  • Accurate Testing Not Likely
  • Natural Hormone Solutions
  • Personalized Lifestyle Plan
  • Exclusive Events, Community and Content